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Colena Brown­ - LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor­, CEO/Founder
• Individual, Family and Group Therapy
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Therapy

Gabriella Thompson­ – LPC 
Licensed Professional Counselor­
• Family and Group Therapy
• Process Groups

Dr. James White, PhD
Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor II – CADC II
• Substance Abuse Counselor
• Support Groups

Sherry Gatson
Licensed Clinical Social Worker – LCSW
• Bio­psychosocial Assessments
• Vocational Assessments

Shondalette Chatfield­ – LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor­
• Motivational Interviewing Group
• Family Therapy

Barbara Gresham
Office Manager

Tom Mais
Compliance Officer

colena2Licensed Professional Counselor – State of Georgia. Founder and CEO of Realizing What Matters – A Behavioral Health – Supportive Services Company. Master of Arts in Counseling from Argosy University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Georgia State University.

Colena – born the eldest of three children in a small rural area (Snowden) outside of Charleston, S.C. She realized at an early age that she was marching to a different beat. This became more obvious when she graduated from high school a year early, completed a nine month course to become a dental assistant and then joined the United States Army. During her enlistment, she married her first husband and gave birth to her first daughter (Enjolik). After her honorable discharge from the military, she started college majoring in psychology.

Colena received her Associate of Arts degree in psychology in 1982. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, from West Palm Beach, Florida; there married for the second time and gave birth to her second daughter (Dentista).

Colena prides herself in not only spending a great deal of time securing academic training, she also believes that her personal experiences add to her ability to be present in each of her supportive roles. Over the past twenty plus years, these roles include but are not limited to being an independent mental health consultant, interfacing with several juvenile justice systems, a cognitive behavioral therapist, that supports numerous clients in developing healthier methods of processing information, a social worker, organizing and carrying out projects for family reconstruction, as it relates to homelessness, grief and family violence, as an advocate for students suspended from school, which meant implementing programs that provided them a safe and academically supported environment, an internationally certified parent educator; Colena also develops and facilitates behavioral health training curriculums.

Colena is an entrepreneur who is pro-active – with a strong drive and has a keen eye for business; she also supports others with their business plans. She is persistent, flexible, reliable and analytical; striving for quality. Colena has excellent interpersonal skills, she is a great communicator, with leadership abilities, devoted to integrity and honesty; ethical and socially aware. She possesses a solid commitment to confidentiality, accountability, mutual respect and rapport. Finally, her sense of self allows her the humility to always seek out personal growth opportunities.

“Change doesn’t happen until Change Happens.” -Colena


Colena Brown, LPC
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
*Note: return call within twenty-four hours

For all emergency calls please call: 911 colenamarie@rwmservices.com

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“You were great! You made a connection with the group that few presenters have been able to."
-Ann Mize, Administrator
Dekalb Local Coordinating Council
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