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Outpatient Therapy

Provides group, individual, and family therapy to children, adolescents and adults. Our services also include supporting military families dealing with a board range of life skills issues and we are uniquely skilled as a team to support Veterans and their families dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our team encourages interactive skill building, increased coping skills, learning about personal triggers and consequences to behavior in a safe, confidential setting under the direction and supervision of licensed professionals.

Psychiatric Services

Provides evaluation, prescription, and regular medication monitoring. Services are conducted by a board Certified Licensed Psychiatrist.

Psychological Assessments

Provides evaluation of an individual’s adaptive functioning, such as developmental, behavioral, academic, psychological and personality functioning. Assessments are done by experienced, licensed and credentialed professionals.

Substance Abuse

Outpatient services that educate, promote, and support recovery from substance abuse and dependency.

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“You were great! You made a connection with the group that few presenters have been able to."
-Ann Mize, Administrator
Dekalb Local Coordinating Council
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